CSR: Tencent and Unbalanced development of rural and urban areas

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Unbalanced development of rural and urban areas

Inequality in China's rural and urban areas remains serious. By the end of 2015, there were still 56.3 million rural poor people in China.

Due to the rapid development of China's cities in recent decades, a large number of rural population has been attracted to the city, and the city has developed rapidly. At the same time, rural development is basically at a standstill.
It has seriously affected the balanced development of rural and urban areas and wasted a lot of rural resources.
The main reason for this situation is that the rural areas are out of touch with high technology, and the rural areas are out of touch with the advanced ideas of urban development and management under the internet.

Tencent has made contributions to the society by helping a large number of rural poor people out of poverty.
In order to solve this serious social problem, Tencent proposed the idea of "Internet + countryside".
By integrating its own big data and advanced Internet technology, Tencent launched the "for the village" system (details are as follows) :

  1. Set up their own public service account for each village: through this public account, village managers and ordinary villagers can get timely information about the changes of village management, general village affairs, village activities, crops receiving natural disasters and other information. It seems like a information sharing platform which covers from the top managers to the general villagers

  2. Provide an e-commerce platform for the village.
    Change the scattered pattern of each family selling crops separately in the countryside. Through the Internet, the featured products in the village can be better built into a brand, so as to attract more businesses to invest in.

  3. Build an open and transparent platform for government affairs exchange and management.
    The information exchange platform is convenient for timely docking with the central and provincial leading teams. Facilitate rural management.Villagers can also get timely information about the management of the whole village and give better feedback.

By connecting the rural areas with the Internet, the donations from the society can enter the rural areas more accurately, realizing the precise connection between the donations and the poor population, and improving the effective utilization rate of the donations. Meanwhile, it also provides a platform for migrant workers in the cities to understand the changes of their villages.

By bringing the Internet down to the front line of the countryside, Tencent also opened the door to the colorful world for villagers and inspired people to struggle better.

In this way, Tencent has made good use of its advantages in big data and Internet to improve the development mode of rural backwater, and provide new opportunity for rural development.

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