Sunmi embraces girl power, praises Hwasa and Chung Ha

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Sunmi is handling city fly in her new single "pporappippam" which is scheduled for discharge Monday.

While known for her move pop solid, the new tune - which means purple night in Korean - sees the artist fuse components of city fly into her mark energetic pop stable - a subset of popular music started in Japan during the '70s.

"Envision a breeze that chills you off on a late spring day at dusk following a hot day and you are admiring the sky at a bistro patio. It gives you butterflies in your stomach and I needed to sonically communicate those emotions," the vocalist said of the new track during a live-spilled press occasion.

With Hwasa and Chung Ha discharging new work this late spring, the artist said she is glad to return to the music scene close by individual female independent craftsmen.

"Female independent specialists are truly overwhelming the music scene together and I believe it's stunning. "Rather than having a solid idea that happens to be in vogue, every craftsman has their own personality, which I believe is an extraordinary thing.

"Pporappippam" shows up about a year after her past single "Lalalay" a year ago and the artist says she needed to make a track that is simpler on the ears and something individuals can tune in to for quite a while, contrasted with her past singles that stroke an all the more remarkable note as far as sound.

Sunmi composed the verses and the tunes nearby maker FRANTS who she worked with on various tracks including her hit single "Alarm." The tune likewise includes musical beats and guitar riffs by vocalist musician and guitarist Jukjae, with her ensemble for the tune uniquely crafted by style architect Kevin Germanier.

Denoting her fourteenth year as a craftsman since her introduction as an individual from Wonder Girls in 2007, Sunmi said she would name her life a "long distance runner" on the off chance that it were caught in a tape.

"I think life is a drawn out game and I think I've been grinding away at my own pace - completing the race as Lee Sun-mi (her original name)," she said.

With respect to pressure, she said it is "not out of the ordinary."


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