Ovo-lacto vegetarian burger at Fault Burger

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When opening Fault Burger in Seoul's Sinsa-dong this May, Yoon Seong-ho, CEO of the burger joint's parent organization, asked, "Does a burger need to just be this way?"

Hoping to think outside the conventional burger box, Yoon went to the tennis court for motivation and appropriated the expression "issue," which alludes to a circumstance where a served ball misses the assigned zone of the court, for his most recent undertaking.

"We needed to split away from any set idea of how a burger ought to be and make a brand that gives new flavors and vibes," Yoon, 50, clarified in an email talk with how he needed to step outside the notorious court.

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To do as such, the imagination of the group at the Italian café Coemo, Fault Burger's sister foundation, was enrolled to build up the menu.

"All the fixings and plans for Fault Burger were made by the culinary experts at Coemo," said Yoon.

"We would not like to go astray a lot from the American-style cheeseburger, yet centered around rolling out little improvements," said Coemo and Fault Burger gourmet specialist Lee Jung-chul, 33.

Ketchup was traded out for a romesco-enlivened sauce, cucumber pickles were traded out for jalapeno pickles, clarified Lee, and scorched chives were added to the blend.

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Likewise, rather than adhering exclusively to meat-based burgers, Fault Burger wandered into the domain of the plant-based burger with an ovo-lacto veggie lover well disposed variety called the "no meat" burger.

The "no meat" burger highlights eggs and dairy however no other meat items, said Lee, who clarified how he and his group began with a broccoli and potato patty before including chickpeas to make their optimal patty.

The light nuttiness of the spiced patty made from chickpeas, potatoes and broccoli is raised by the umami play of scorched chives and balsamic vinaigrette, while salted jalapenos give searing flies of crunch.

Liquefied cheddar and the cushiony spread rich, egg-rich brioche bun include a layer of unctuous wantonness to the "no meat" burger while the paprika-based romesco-sauce gives an additional punch of flavor.

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Shortcoming Burger additionally whips out a delicious, rib-staying chicken variety, including that equivalent bouffant brioche bun wrapped up around a gigantic, delicious hunk of chicken thigh dug in a buttermilk-based player and seared to a shaggy freshness.

The rest of the line-up of seven burgers are made with 140 gram patties of meat that are ground day by day and finished off including natively constructed bacon to pulled pork.

All burgers can be requested as take-out by means of their computerized machine or conveyed inside a two kilometer-span from the store by means of Baedal Minjok (Baemin) and Yogiyo.

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Fault Burger
1F, 648-23 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
(0507) 1376-7110
Open daily from 11:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.
Burgers cost 7,800 won to 11,800 won, sides cost 3,900 won to 6,900 won

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